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About Mori Lisa

Our Team


Mori Lisa International Kindergarten is operated by a non-governmental organization, with professionals in our management team. Our team is full of experience in both teaching and administrative positions in the education and business sector. They have worked in both private and international kindergartens for many years, and are aware of Hong Kong parents’ expectations of their children. Our teachers are full of experience in teaching and we teach and nurture students in achieving their best potential with love, care and attention.



Honorary Advisor - Mr. Chiu Wing Tak 趙榮德先生



現為香港輔導教師協會榮譽顧問,曾任協會主席八年,前喇沙書院副校長,曾任教育局家庭與學校事宜委員會副主席, 現任社工註冊部紀律委員會委員為香港大學專業進修學院之客席講師 。關心香港教育,於《明報》、《星島日報》、《信報》<親子王> <Sunday Kiss> <學前教育> <親子便利>撰寫專欄,著作甚豐,有《不一樣的家長》《不一樣的家長》增訂版、“香港小學升學策略” “香港中學升學策略” “香港大學升學策略”.《趙sir教Grammar 1-8》等二十本。

Mr. Chiu Wing Tak, Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters, Ex Vice Principal of La Salle College, Honorary Advisor of Mori Lisa International Kindergarten



Principal’s Welcome


I am most delighted to welcome you to the Mori Lisa International Kindergarten.


We offer an international curriculum which is based on the U.K. Syllabus (Early Years Foundation Stage). A high standard of teaching in Mandarin is also provided for students who wish to enter a local primary school. Apart from teaching English and Mandarin, we understand that Spanish is rising as a popular and global language, and is also spoken by approximately 427 million people in 31 countries, therefore we, at Mori Lisa International Kindergarten have also included Spanish in our teachings.


We have adopted a wit from Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. With that said, we try to enrich children’s minds by shaping them using several teaching styles and approaches on a daily basis. There is new content and knowledge provided daily and children are nurtured into becoming creative and inquisitive thinkers as well as lifelong learners.


We offer a happy and stimulating learning environment in which children are encouraged to explore what they are learning, and we provide the children with interactive learning activities which teaches them to work with others together in building up their self confidence.


We look forward to working with you in enriching your child’s first phase of childhood.


Warmest regards,


School Mission


Students are learning through interactions between each other. They develop and grow through our love and care, allowing them to build up their self-confidence, self-discipline and to encourage their positivity along with creativeness and inquisitive thinking.




Our campus is an approximate 6000 sq. ft. newly renovated space with a sunny, warm and spacious outdoor area with the finest grass and the latest teaching equipment along with a safety trampoline and sterilized, enjoyable playing carts.